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Truth is that protean quality of self-determined affirmation of a putative state of reality which is exemplified by Steven Colbert's term "truthiness." Truth takes on the pseudo-tautological form "what's true for you is true for you. What's true for me is true for me."

The protean character of "truth" was brilliantly exemplified in Major General David Meade's declaration, in a 1994 recap of a U.S. "peacekeeping mission" to Haiti, "...our reality changed..."

Reality and truth are entirely personal, not transferable from one person to another, as in "You can't impose your reality on me." The realization of this timeless fact is a great advance over the previous hypothesis of Protagoras, "Man is the measure of all things," which, although it reduced timeless truth to a culturally conditioned artifact, did not go far enough.

Then again, if you consider all of the above to be quite idiosyncratic, don't worry. I understand.